Draining the Cuck – Painful Forced Orgasm

My cuck is due for a draining but as he has neglected to follow My rules, I have decided to combine this draining with an extra dose of pain!

The clip starts after I have had My slut helplessly restrained on the bed in My dungeon while I was getting dressed and setting up the cameras. After ripping off his leather codpiece exposing his locked up useless cuck cock, I inform him that he is going to be drained but that because of his failures this week, its going to be very painful! I waste no time in getting started with humiliating My bitch, first step… I shove a plug deep into his little whore ass!

I then move on to focus on the useless cock and balls that I own, starting their agony by leaving the chastity device in place while I use a urethral sounds to tease and torture them. Watch as the sound slips in and out of his locked up pigstick, causing him to moan in agony as he swells in his cage.

After he has been teased to my satisfaction, I remove the cage as I want full access to My cock so I can truly implement the level of pain My pig deserves! I inform him that he is going to be drained but that he won’t enjoy it as I show him the spiked Kali’s teeth cages I intend to lock around his useless pig cock and balls! After locking the first set of spikes around his worthless nuts, he begins to swell making it difficult to install the second spiked ring around his shaft but, that doesn’t stop Me! Listen as My slut screams in agony as I painfully lock the second ring around his worthless shaft!

Thats just the beginning though! Next I pull out a Rosebud urethral sound and with the spikes around his pig balls and another locked tightly around his now rock hard shaft, I shove the sounds right down the throat of his meat stick! My cuck can’t help it as I use the sounds on him while also stroking and teasing his shaft… he can’t help it, he just keeps getting harder and harder making the spikes dig into his shaft deeper and deeper! Before long My slave is screaming and begging through his gag as the pain grows with each stroke of My Goddess hand. My cuck gets so hard in fact that suddenly I can’t get the sound out of his shaft because the spikes around his pigstick have become so tight that the sound can’t pass through the ring! I begin to laugh sadistically as he screams and begs repeatedly in the hopes that his Mistress will be merciful LOL!

After I have decided My cuck has learned his painful lesson, I inform My pig that I will remove the spikes around his useless cock but that I intend to instead bust his tiny balls which will remain locked up with spikes driving into them! Just as My cuck thinks I am going to be merciful limiting the pain to ballbusting with the spikes in place, I add one more twist as I shove a 12 inch long sounds right down his disgusting meat stick! As I fuck the useless piece of meat with the sounds I continue to stroke him bringing him to the edge of orgasm, that’s when the real pain begins… suddenly I slap his balls! I just keep stroking and slapping him repeatedly until suddenly he can’t hold it anymore and he spills his filthy load!

In one final act of humiliation, I suck up the cum in My syringe, pull out his ass plug and shove the syringe inside as I squirt the load into his manpussy! “Get used to this cuck, soon I am going to have My bull fuck your pussy and fill you with cum from a REAL man!” I explain as I shoot the hot load up his tight ass! Welcome to your life cuck LOL!

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